The Start of a New Life

Mr. Carter is a mild-mannered veteran client who was referred to St. Francis Community Services by another veteran, hoping SFCS could assist him with outstanding traffic tickets. Due to the tickets he had accumulated, his license was suspended. Although he was able to get to his job at a local hospital by taking the bus, doing so was not only inconvenient but also significantly limited his job growth potential. It also limited his quality of life, and prevented him from visiting one of his daughters who lives an hour away. He explains that he felt caught in a circular trap: he wanted to purchase a vehicle to improve his employment opportunities, but without a license he could not do so. And without better employment opportunities, he was unsure how he would pay for the fees needed to hire a lawyer to resolve the issues which kept him from his license.

Positive Outcome

SFCS Veteran’s Advocacy Project attorney was able to get his outstanding traffic tickets dismissed, while his case manager assisted him with the process of renewing his license. In addition, SFCS was able to secure a pro-bono attorney to assist Mr. Carter with a small criminal charge, which was also dismissed. With his license renewed, he was able to purchase a car and is now able to visit his daughter in rural Missouri. He is grateful to have his car because another daughter living in the St. Louis area has begun having some dire medical issues. Since he now has a vehicle he is able to assist her with these and transport her to doctors appointments. Today, he is working on the skills he needs to get a promotion, and is enjoying being able to transport himself where he needs to go!