A Generation Working for Peace!

GenPeace, formed in 2023, is a group of emerging leaders, ages 21-39, with fresh ideas and an ever-expanding social circle. Our members are on a mission to increase awareness of St. Francis Community Services (SFCS) and are passionate about creating sustainable peace in the lives of our neighbors in need.

Why Join GenPeace?

GenPeace is an excellent way for young professionals to work towards increasing visibility and outreach opportunities, fundraising, and managing events that will help combat poverty in the St. Louis Metro Area.


  • Network with fellow young adults who share a passion for outreach
  • Partner with the Board of Directors to support St. Francis Community Services’ mission in the St. Louis Metro Area
  • Become educated about what services are available to your community
  • Plan and attend fun social and educational events
  • Provide leadership by serving on the Executive Team
  • Build community connections


GenPeace consists of members with a variety of professional backgrounds and networking skills used to promote St. Francis’ cause during their two-year term. Our young professionals group collectively fundraises $25,000 annually, while increasing awareness of the agency’s mission and serving as ambassadors in the St. Louis Metro Area. In addition, GenPeace members have the opportunity to attend or volunteer at the annual Seeds of Hope gala in October, and other fundraisers.

  • Attend monthly meetings (must attend 50% of meetings)
  • Assist in planning and executing two GenPeace events per year (fundraiser or friendraiser)
  • Participate by selling event tickets, securing event sponsorships, in-kind contributions, and raffle/silent auction items; providing pro bono professional services, etc.
  • Volunteer for at least one event per year (hosted by SFCS or a third party)
  • Recruit new members (as needed)

Next Steps

Any questions? Contact us at hkemper@ccstl.org. Ready to join? Fill out the form below.

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Monthly meetings are second Wednesday of the month, at 4:30p.


Jan 11, 2023 – Monthly Meeting | ZOOM


Feb 08, 2023 – Monthly Meeting

Feb 08, 2023 – Happy Hour (Friendraiser) | 6p 


Mar 08, 2023 – Monthly Meeting | ZOOM

Mar 00, 2023 – GenPeace Fundraiser


Apr 12, 2023 – Monthly Meeting | ZOOM

Apr 18, 2023 – SFCS Rising Together Happy Hour


May 10, 2023 – Monthly Meeting | ZOOM


Jun 14, 2023 – Monthly Meeting | ZOOM


Jul 12, 2023 – Monthly Meeting

Jul 12, 2023 – Happy Hour (Friendraiser) | 6p


Aug 09, 2023 – Monthly Meeting | ZOOM


Sep 13, 2023 – Monthly Meeting | ZOOM


Oct 11, 2023 – Monthly Meeting | ZOOM

Oct 07, 2023 – SFCS Seeds of Hope Gala (DATE TBD)


Nov 08, 2023 – Monthly Meeting

Nov 08, 2023 – Happy Hour (Friendraiser) | 6p


Dec 13, 2023 – Monthly Meeting | ZOOM