CLAM attorneys provide legal representation for low income clients in every aspect of family law. We prioritize representation for parents and children who are victims of domestic abuse or violence, or where there is a need to advocate for the best interests of a child.


We offer assistance for clients seeking help with establishing child and spousal support, child custody, and advocate for fair and equitable distribution of property. We petition for guardianships of a minor or incapacitated adult. Whenever appropriate, we also educate the client on alternatives to litigation such as mediation and counseling.

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CLAM cannot accept walk-ins. To request help, call 314-977-3993 on Tuesdays. Given the volume of calls received, it may take several weeks before you can speak with an attorney. You also can e-mail us:

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Guardianship of a Minor
December 29, 2017

The staff attorneys at SFCS Catholic Legal Assistance Ministry recently were contacted by a grandmother, “Lottie,” seeking help in obtaining . . .

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A Healing Family

After hearing the evidence and receiving the recommendation from the guardian ad litem (who waved his fee), the court awarded our client, Kathy, custody of her four young grandchildren. Kathy left the courthouse with certified copies giving her full legal and physical custody of the kids. She was very emotional and grateful to our lawyer, indicating how important it was for the children to know during this difficult time they will always be safe and taken care of.