A Matter of Health

Viet, a refugee who arrived in the U.S. 20 years ago, is about to celebrate her 65th birthday. She recently realized she has diabetes, and would need to watch her health more significantly. Although she has been receiving medical care at a clinic, it was too expensive to attend regularly.  Around this time, she also began receiving large amounts of paperwork from Social Security in the mail. Due to her limited English proficiency, she was not only confused but also concerned about the many forms she was receiving. Luckily, a friend referred her to Vietnamese Health Clinic of St. Francis Community Services.

Positive Outcome

Through our clinic Viet will be able to receive medical care in her own language, at a lower cost than her previous clinic. Our staff helped her understand paperwork to apply for Medicare. She will also begin attending our Vietnamese Elders socialization group to reduce her isolation and give her more tools to live independently. Recently, Viet expressed her gratitude for the health clinic and described feeling relief since coming to SFCS several months ago, noting that receiving care in her own language and assistance with transportation helps her to feel empowered in her health care.

She said, “I am attending the Vietnamese senior’s meetings to learn more about health and social issues, and improve my quality of life. I love making new friends, and learning new things around me.” Through the socialization group and the health clinic, our holistic care is able to ensure that this senior will get the care she needs in an atmosphere that encourages her to continue to live confidently.