Keeping Immigrant Tenants Housed

In one recent case, St. Francis’ Immigrant Housing Justice Project negotiated with a local landlord to secure housing for 11 tenants who were behind in rent and at risk of eviction. Our legal team was able to work with the landlord to reduce the amount that tenants were in arrears and provide tenants with direct aid assistance to satisfy their back rent owed. Because of this individualized advocacy, the IHPJ team was able to secure their housing.

Southside Christmas Celebration

Last week, our Southside Immigration Services Center celebrated Christmas with over 300 clients. “We wanted to create an atmosphere where our clients and their families felt welcomed,” stated Carlos Ruiz Martinez, Director of Immigration Services. As they walked through the Christmas-colored balloon arch, each family was greeted by staff who […]

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Helping Boys Like Marcus Stay Safe

During this time of year, I think about how grateful we are to be a part of the mission of St. Francis Community Services, Catholic Legal Assistance Ministry … this is especially true on the days when I am moved to tears by our clients willingness to work with us […]

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We gather to give thanks!

Where can you find coworkers, who are Hispanic, Vietnamese, and Afghan, gathered to celebrate an American Thanksgiving? Here at St. Francis Community Services’ Southside Immigrant Services Center, where tamales and egg rolls lay alongside traditional dishes and everyone had an abundance of stories and blessings to relate … For families […]

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