Keeping Immigrant Tenants Housed

In one recent case, St. Francis’ Immigrant Housing Justice Project negotiated with a local landlord to secure housing for 11 tenants who were behind in rent and at risk of eviction. Our legal team was able to work with the landlord to reduce the amount that tenants were in arrears and provide tenants with direct aid assistance to satisfy their back rent owed. Because of this individualized advocacy, the IHPJ team was able to secure their housing.

Reuniting Families

Here is our July installment of our Monthly Victories!

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Pathways to Progress Successes

Here is the third installment of our Monthly Victories! This one has to do with different stories from our Pathways to Progress, enjoy!  

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A Second Grader’s Story

Here is our second newsletter- the story of a wonderful 2nd grader who can teach us all something! To Join Our Monthly Newsletter: Please Fill This Out!! Sign Me Up  

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