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A Healing Family

After hearing the evidence and receiving the recommendation from the guardian ad litem (who waved his fee), the court awarded our client, Kathy, custody of her four young grandchildren. Kathy left the courthouse with certified copies giving her full legal and physical custody of the kids. She was very emotional and grateful to our lawyer, indicating how important it was for the children to know during this difficult time they will always be safe and taken care of.

Veterans Advocacy Project: Removing Barriers to a Better Future

(Image above: St. Francis Community Services marching in the Stand Up for Women Veterans parade in November, 2018) Veterans Advocacy Project attorney Stephanie Lummus often spends her Thursdays away from the St. Francis Community Services Catholic Legal Assistance Ministry office. Preparing for City Diversion Court, she assesses the courtroom and […]

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Restoring Lives: Disaster Case Management

The weekend of April 29, 2017 held a difficult time for many residents of the greater St. Louis area: rainstorms swelled the tributaries of the Missouri and Mississippi rivers, causing disastrous flooding. Many of these same areas had experienced similar damage just over a year prior in the winter 2015 […]

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Holidays at St. Francis Community Services

At St. Francis Community Services’ Southside Center location, Site Director and Therapist Meredith Rataj guides a mom through a small sea of Christmas packages to her family’s gifts. While staff try to determine if the many packages will fit in her car, the mother has other reflections. Looking at the […]

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