Learn about some of our work as profiled in the following stories. For all media inquiries or partnerships, please contact Development Director, Heather Kemper.

In the News

Jun 2022: St. Louis Post-Dispatch – “Martinez to lead charity’s immigrant services”

Jun 2022: St. Louis Post-Dispatch – “St. Francis Community Services appointed Heather Kemper as director of development.”

Jun 2020: KSDK Channel 5 – “St. Louis ‘Dreamer’ says the fight continues after favorable DACA ruling”

Jun 2020: St. Louis Post-Dispatch – “Dreamers in St. Louis area breathe easier after Supreme Court victory”

Jun 2020: St. Louis Public Radio – “St. Louis-area DACA recipients and advocates hail Supreme Court decision as a big win”

Mar 2020: St. Louis Post-Dispatch – “Messenger: Fear builds in immigrant community along with isolation brought by pandemic”

Mar 2020: St. Louis Review – “Bill would provide housing rights to immigrants”

Jun 2019: MetroSTL – “Growing hate and trauma are new realities for area immigrants”

Jun 2019: St. Louis American – “Immigration crisis: What can St. Louisans do?”

Apr 2019: St. Louis Post-Dispatch – “Messenger: St. Louis contingent digs in to help the huddled masses at a bus stop near the border”

Jan 2019: St. Louis Post-Dispatch – “Messenger: With smart move on child support, Bell joins battle against debtors’ prisons”

Dec 2018: St. Louis Public Radio – “New course offers St. Louis University law students hands-on immigration law experience”

Aug 2018: St. Louis Public Radio – “Missourians struggling to keep up on child support face ‘perpetuating cycle,’ say local attorneys”

Jun 2018: St. Louis Public Radio – “Beyond borders: Children at heart of local implications, impressions of immigration policy”

Jun 2018: KSDK Channel 5 – “Verify: What happens next for immigrant families at the border”

Jun 2018: St. Louis Review – “St. Francis Community Services responds to new immigration policies”

Jun 2018: KMOV Channel 4 – “Unaccompanied child immigrants finding their way to St. Louis”

Jun 2018: Archdiocese of St. Louis – “Inspiring stories: Sister Cecilia”

Jun 2018: St. Louis Post-Dispatch – “This Midtown clinic for uninsured immigrants adds mental health services to the treatment”

Dec 2017: KSDK Channel 5 – “St. Francis Community Services”

Dec 2017: KSDK Channel 5 – “Pathways to Progress empowers families in north St. Louis County”

Dec 2017: St. Louis Review – “Once ‘on knees and knuckles,’ know back on her feet”

Nov 2017: SLU Law School – “Advocating for our immigrant neighbors”

Oct 2017: St. Louis Review – “Satisfaction of helping others drives attorney in volunteer work with CLAM”

May 2017: St. Louis Public Radio – “Getting mental health services in St. Louis can be tough–especially if you don’t speak English”

Apr 2017: St. Louis Post-Dispatch – “Messenger: Immigrants fearing deportation prepare for separation from their children”

Mar 2017: St. Louis Public Radio – “As fear of deportation rises, undocumented St. Louisans make arrangements for their children”

Oct 2016: St. Louis Post-Dispatch – “As the economy improves, evictions in St. Louis remain stubbornly high”

Oct 2016: Lindenwood University – “Symbol of hope – Patrick Walker is honored by St. Francis Community Services”

Jan 2016: St. Louis Review – “Catholic Charities, other agencies provide hope, comfort to flood victims”

May 2015: St. Louis Review – “St. Francis Community Services focusing on parish bases”

Feb 2015: St. Louis Review – “Prudence Kramer and Catholic Legal Assistance Ministry help give others a voice”

Oct 2015: Catholic Philly – “To build new life in U.S., family has struggled but now ‘we are safe’ “

Jul 2014: St. Louis Review – “Probate commissioner gets award, boosts agency”

Nov 2014: St. Louis Review – “Children’s ‘feliz’ contrasts with rough past”

Nov 2013: St. Louis Business Journal – “St. Louis character: 84 and nowhere near retired”

Jul 2013: St. Louis American – “SLU Law to shelter Catholic Legal Assistance”

May 2013: St. Louis Review – “Stand Up helps women veterans fill in gaps”