Pathways to Progress is a program that empowers our community members with long-term case management. St. Francis Community Service case managers work with individuals and families as they work toward change in their lives. Our case manager’s role is to act as a support to the individual and their family. They are a guide to community resources and services and provide encouragement when the journey is long and difficult.

While each person faces unique challenges, many clients want to improve their education or find employment that pays a living wage. They may be working to find better housing, reduce debt, or enhance parenting skills. Whatever their goals, our case managers are able to provide resources and form the relationships to assist them.

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Although walk-ins can be accommodated in some cases, appointments are preferred, so that staff can give you undivided attention. Call us at one of the locations at right, or send us a message.

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May 2, 2024

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Working Towards Change

Through Pathways to Progress, Tyra was able to apply for and receive disability benefits, and through connections with her Member Advisor was able to find part-time work which meets her needs and allows her to gain modest supplementary income. She worked hard to combine her skills in ways that would both promote her economic stability. She attended Member workshops, learning about budgeting. She saved through the “Savings Jar Challenge,” which provides matching funds up to $100 for Members in the program. Her benefits, new job, matched funds, and newly structured budget, with support from her Member Advisor, allowed her to save enough to purchase a car through a connecting agency. This has significantly increased her quality of life. When asked about her experience in the Pathways to Progress, she talks about her work on her budget and the many new life skills that she is able to use every day. She says, “The program has helped me become accountable to myself. I have accomplished the goals I set out to do, and it feels amazing!” Tyra will be one of the first program participants to graduate from Pathways to Progress this fall.