Getting “Safely-Home”

When Mr. J was laid off from his job as a union laborer, life unraveled for him and his family. They lost their home. Mr. J, his wife and three children moved into an emergency shelter. Both parents desperately looked for work. If there was light at the end of the tunnel, they thought, it was only a pinpoint in the blackness.

Services Provided

St. Francis Community Services staff met Mr. J and his wife at the shelter and, together, they planned how the family could get back on its feet. Our organization helped pay for a security deposit, rent, and utilities when they found a place to live. Better yet, caring staff would offer support as the family regrouped.


Positive Outcome

With the stress of being homeless relieved, both parents found stable jobs with benefits. The “J” family moved into a new rental house within a month. Today they pay bills and save money. The children are thriving at school. Proud of their progress, Mrs. J says those dark times yielded lessons she shares with her children.