Finding Peace

Ms. F is an Army veteran whose family life came apart at the seams. She separated from a husband who was verbally abusive and controlling. When their 8–year-old child visited him during the week, he insisted on bringing her back at 5:30 a.m., even if she had school that day. The tension and lack of rest took its toll, and the child struggled in school. He also refused to pay child support. Lacking adequate income, Ms F lost her home, and she and her child ended up in a shelter.

Services Provided

The Catholic Legal Assistance Ministry’s Veterans Advocacy Project recently hosted a “Stand UP! For Women Vets” event, and Ms. F made the life-changing decision to attend. She gained the help of a CLAM attorney, who represented her as they took her ex-husband to court.


Positive Outcome

Today, a mother and child are in their own apartment, doing well, and building a new life together. In court, Ms. F was awarded the child support. She was also able to obtain a visitation order that stopped the early morning drop-offs.