Time for a Happy Dance

Mrs. G and her two children joined her husband in the United States in 2004. Her visa in hand, she hoped her family, now together, would lead a happy life. But the last decade was a nightmare. Her abusive, controlling husband isolated her. He forced her to labor long hours in a family store and even timed her rides to work. At one point, he pressured her to return to her home country and leave the children behind with him in America. She thought of committing suicide.

Services Provided

Desperate to protect herself and her children, Mrs. G turned to the Catholic Legal Assistance Ministry Immigration Law Project. CLAM assisted her in applying for permanent residency (a “green card”) so she could find work and support her children, who now embraced America as home.


Positive Outcome

Mrs. G received her permanent resident card this spring. Her husband, unable to control her, left the family. Mrs. G recently visited the CLAM office and, with tears in her eyes, proudly showed off her very first driver’s license. She danced “the happy dance,” card held high, celebrating the freedom to start life anew.