The Power to Honor His Father

Mr. B’s beloved 95-year-old father was in rapidly declining health. Alzheimer’s disease had robbed him of the capacity to make crucial decisions. Mr. B needed to take responsibility for his father’s health care. But he did not have the legal authority to make decisions on his father’s behalf.

Services Provided

The Catholic Legal Assistance Ministry knew that there was no time to spare. A CLAM attorney collected medical information from the father’s doctors and petitioned the City of St. Louis Probate Court to expedite a hearing date.


Positive Outcome

Positive Outcome

The Probate Court immediately set a hearing date; the case was heard quickly. Mr. B was visibly relieved when he gained the power to make health care decisions for his father. CLAM’s advocacy, he said, enables him to honor his father by caring for him in his twilight years.