Defending dignity in the courts since 1987. 

Our legal assistance ensures low-income neighbors don’t face the court system alone. Last year, we represented over 1,200 clients in family law, immigration law, housing law, and veterans matters in over 1,500 cases.

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Providing More than Legal Aid

“We’ve really focused collaboration between myself, our attorneys, and our Bilingual Mental Health team so clients’ overall health is supported. We’re prepping their case, ensuring clients are supported financially and are connecting them to resources they need to be safe–especially during this pandemic.” – Immigration Client Support Coordinator

Securing Safety

Our immigration attorneys assisted a mother as she applied for a U visa, reserved for victims of violent crimes. Our staff navigated her through the complicated, years-long process of applying, and connected her to mental health resources when she needed to retell the story of the crime she endured. The successful outcome of her case meant she gained safety, legal status, and was able to petition to reunite with her child after nearly a decade of separation. Upon reunifying with her daughter, she wrote us, “Thank you for being an angel that God put in our lives. We enormously appreciate all that you have done.”

Building a New Family

Monica came to our office concerned about her two nieces, Jaden and Dani. Their mother had recently died. Even though she had children of her own, Monica wanted to raise her sister’s kids so they could have a stable life. Our attorney walked her through the guardianship process, advocating for this family at every turn, and even found a space at the public library to attend her video court appearance during the pandemic.

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