At Southside Center, the “Amigas Latinas” gather weekly to share their dreams and struggles, learn coping skills and articulate their needs.

By bringing women into contact with other women, they can begin to create social capital. They are able to form networks of support to confront barriers to economic stability such as low education levels, lack of transportation, and childcare responsibilities. The women who participate in Amigas Latinas hear about jobs from group leaders and each other, give each other rides, and form partnerships to watch each other’s children. They also discuss and learn about various topics that affect their abilities to engage in providing for their families, from mental health issues of depression and spousal relationships to financial literacy topics such as budgeting, building credit, and applying for a home mortgage.

Members of the group have met with state and federal legislators, as well as other community leaders, to advocate for changes that will make the world a better place for their children.

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Strength in Numbers

Although the pain of losing her son did not diminish, Mrs. R acknowledged a feeling of accomplishment in standing up to someone who would have taken advantage of her in her time of grief. Mrs. R’s instincts were right – the funeral plan came at a hefty price, with fees and an interest rate that would have burdened her for years to come. With the instructor at her side, she moved on to another funeral home and agreed to more affordable arrangements.