Securing Safety

Zaina sought the assistance of our Immigration legal team upon surviving a horrific crime. After working with law enforcement to testify against her abuser, she learned she could apply for immigration relief under a humanitarian visa reserved for victims of serious crimes, a U visa.

Positive Outcome

Our immigration attorney navigated Zaina through the complicated, years-long process of applying for her U visa and eventually her green card so she would be safe from deportation. When she needed to retell the story of the crime she endured, our legal team connected her to mental health resources.

The successful outcome of her case meant she gained safety and legal status. But the most important part for Zaina was that she was then able to petition for her daughter to join her in the United States. Her daughter had remained in Zaina’s home country after she immigrated to the U.S., and they had been separated for almost a decade. Upon reunifying with her daughter, she wrote us, “Thank you for being an angel that God put in our lives and helping me reunite with my daughter. We enormously appreciate all that you have done.”


*Names are changed to protect client privacy