Safely Reunited

One day William was in the courthouse searching for help. His previous wife—the mother of his young daughter—had left their child home alone that day, disappearing on a binge. At the time, William could only see his daughter one night per week under the custody agreement and even paid child support. He knew that she was not being taken care of and was in a dangerous environment. While in the courthouse, he met one of the attorneys from our Catholic Legal Assistance Ministry.

Services Provided

Our attorneys filed a temporary restraining order against the previous wife and were able to get William temporary custody due to the extreme neglect his daughter was facing. We then represented him, taking the case to trial to seek full custody.

Positive Outcome

When the case proceeded to trial, we helped William win sole legal custody of his daughter and removed his burden of child support payments. Beyond the steps of the courthouse, we were able to help him apply for Medicaid and enroll his daughter in her new elementary school. Thanks to the work from our dedicated staff, William is reunited with his daughter and she is thriving in a safe and secure household.