Restored to Good Health

When a driver came to pick up Mr. D for his daily trip to Fr. Tolton Center, he found the elderly man on the floor of his home. He had laid there for 18 hours, having fallen the day before. Mr. D went by ambulance to the hospital, where he stayed three weeks. He was discharged to his home, but was extremely weak and unable to care for himself.

Services Provided

Fr. Tolton Center worked with a home health care service to arrange for home-delivered meals, prescriptions, medical equipment and transportation to doctor appointments. Staff found that he did not have a mattress on his bed – he had been sleeping on the bed springs. So staff brought him a new bed, complete with a mattress, fresh linens and comforting pillows.


Positive Outcome

Mr D has regained his strength. He is once again a daily fixture at Fr. Tolton Center, coming there for meals and the good company of his friends. And he has returned to his first love – calling Bingo at Fr. Tolton Center every Friday.