Pathway to Progress Provides Relief for Mother

After the death of her father and a close cousin, Bridget’s grief overwhelmed her spirit. She quit her job and uprooted her family for what she thought would be a bright new beginning.

However, that one decision began a four-year stint of turmoil, instability, and chronic homelessness. In those years, her son attended nine schools, they were evicted twice out of their home and lived in four shelters across three states. After ending up in St. Louis, a friend recommended Pathways to Progress.

“This program not only assisted me financially but more importantly, it provided me with information and tools to help myself! Pathways to Progress helped me to build a foundation, assemble a safety net for my family, and create a plan for my future.”

Through Pathways to Progress, Bridget attended workshops that taught budgeting, building credit, parenting tips, and more. They helped find assistance in getting her into phlebotomy school – and she is now working in the lab at a local hospital!

“With the help of Pathways to Progress, my son and I have now been living in the same home for six years. Using the knowledge I obtained from the workshops, I am continually working on setting goals, improving my credit and financial situation, and being more aware of my physical and mental well-being.”

We all need help from time to time — financially, informationally, or emotionally. Pathways to Progress helped Bridget and continues to help other families like hers every day to get back on track.

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