Off the Streets & On to Recovery

When Mrs. W went home at the end of her work day, it was to a tent pitched near the Mississippi River. She and her husband took up life there after being evicted from their rental home. Mrs. W had been a substance abuser, but was in treatment, employed part-time and making steady progress toward graduating from drug court. Her husband, out of a job, was looking for work but also had to stay near the tent to protect their belongings. They longed to feel normal again.

The W’s had to leave their encampment quickly when the owner of the land asked the City of St. Louis to clear the property. Before the bulldozers came, St. Francis Community Services helped the couple find a place to live and paid for their housing and moving costs. A case manager guided the W family for the next year as they worked to stabilize their income, complete drug abuse treatment, and rebuild their life.

Positive Outcome

The Ws hope their story inspires homeless people not to give up. Today, they are both employed. They pay their rent and utility bills and are living within their means. Mrs. W is proud of her sobriety and is committed to continuing her recovery. Mr. W meets regularly with local service providers and contributes ideas about how to best help homeless people get – and stay – off the streets.