Leaving a Legacy: New Endowment Fund Provides Giving Options

In December 2018, St. Francis Community Services reached an exciting milestone when the organization created an Endowment Fund through the Roman Catholic Foundation of Eastern Missouri. This endowment provides individuals with a great option to support the work at St. Francis with a gift that truly last a lifetime and beyond! As the fund grows, programs at St. Francis Community Services will benefit from the yearly income generated by the endowment, enabling our organization to continue increasing its impact.

For more information, you can contact St. Francis Community Services at sfcs@ccstl.org or the Roman Catholic Foundation professionals at giftplanning@rcfstl.org. You can donate directly to our endowment fund here: https://rcfstl.org/fund/st-francis-community-services-endowment-fund/.

Executive Director, Karen Wallensak, on the SFCS Endowment Fund:

Please consider helping us build our fund through one of the following ways:

Give Now:

Give Later:

  • Give to our fund through your will or trust, or name the fund as beneficiary of your life insurance policy or retirement account by using the following: Roman Catholic Foundation of Eastern Missouri (EIN 46-3309222), for the benefit of St. Francis Community Services Endowment Fund.

Give & Receive:

  • Establish a Charitable Gift Annuity, receive a fixed income stream for life, and the remainder will be added to the St. Francis Community Services Endowment Fund at maturity.
  • Gift your highly appreciated assets to a Charitable Remainder Unitrust, receive payments for life or a term of years, and the remainder will be added to our fund at maturity.