Home At Last

Mrs. B, age 96, and her daughter lost their home in Florissant to foreclosure last year, just as winter was turning to spring. They had no place to go. Various friends took them in for short periods, but the two had to move every several weeks. They left their furniture – including family heirlooms – behind because they had to place to store it. Homeless at her advanced age, Mrs. B was in despair.

Services Provided

The Catholic Legal Assistance Ministry teamed up with case managers at another St. Francis Community Services site to help the little family. A CLAM attorney persuaded the lender to pay for moving the furniture to a storage facility, rather than hauling it to a dump. A SFCS housing counselor helped Mrs. B and her daughter consolidate all their belongings, pay storage fees and consider housing options.


Positive Outcome

Still recovering from their ordeal, they are thankful to have the dignity of having a place to live. Mrs. B and her daughter were able to move into a home owned by a friend. It is rent-free, and the friend does not even charge for utilities. They were able to keep their belongings and minimize their monthly bills.