A Healing Family

Kathy was the maternal grandmother of four young children whose mother was diagnosed with a rapidly-progressing terminal illness. These children ranged in age from 9 months to 13 years old. The father was only peripherally in their lives. Kathy and the four children faced much uncertainty as to what their future together would look like.

Services Provided

The staff attorneys at SFCS’ Catholic Legal Assistance Ministry took the case and decided to fast track it due to the circumstances. They traveled to Jefferson City to meet with the client and obtain the parent’s consent. We explained the situation to the county clerk who agreed to docket the case quickly. A month and a half later the mother passed on the same day the case was scheduled to be heard. Because of the great importance of this decision for the children, Kathy decided to proceed with the hearing as planned with our attorneys.

Positive Outcome

After hearing the evidence and receiving the recommendation from the guardian ad litem (who waved his fee), the court awarded our client, Kathy, custody of her four young grandchildren. Kathy left the courthouse with certified copies giving her full legal and physical custody of the kids. She was very emotional and grateful to our lawyer, indicating how important it was for the children to know during this difficult time they will always be safe and taken care of.