Strength in Numbers

Like many of her friends in the social support group at St. Francis Community Services, Mrs. R had seen her share of hardships in life. But nothing prepared her for the sorrow she would endure when her son died. She was consumed in grief when she went to the funeral home to plan for his service and burial. Yet sitting there, listening to the funeral director cite the costs of the arrangements, something stirred within her – something she had recently learned about spotting a predatory lender …

Services Provided

Mrs. R had attended SFCS seminars with others in her social support group, including workshops that help people learn to budget, save, and avoid predatory loans and scams. Mrs. R trusted her instructor far more than the funeral director. Rather than sign the paperwork for her son’s funeral, she left the funeral home and called the instructor for advice. They met to review the documents the next day.


Positive Outcome

Although the pain of losing her son did not diminish, Mrs. R acknowledged a feeling of accomplishment in standing up to someone who would have taken advantage of her in her time of grief. Mrs. R’s instincts were right – the funeral plan came at a hefty price, with fees and an interest rate that would have burdened her for years to come. With the instructor at her side, she moved on to another funeral home and agreed to more affordable arrangements.