Finding A Job in Today’s Workforce

Mr. J first came to St. Francis Community Services for help with an electric bill. He was unemployed for the first time in more than 30 years and could not keep up with all his financial obligations. His search for a job had been discouraging. Out of the market for three decades, he was disconnected from modern avenues of job-searching. He needed to freshen up on interview skills and become acclimated to technology.

Services Provided

With so much solid job experience, Mr. J was reluctant to participate in the work readiness program. But he stuck with it and successfully completed four weeks of workshops. He learned how to write an effective resume, submit online applications and make the best possible impression in a job interview. He joined the weekly “Job Club” and, soon enough, found an opportunity to work part-time through the AARP.


Positive Outcome

Mr. J landed the position with AARP and was assigned as a Social Services Assistant with St. Francis Community Services! In that role, Mr. J helps struggling people find needed resources in the community. In his time off, he volunteers at the center and participates in SFCS’ group activities. As a way of “paying it forward,” Mr. J speaks inspirational words of encouragement to clients.