Aleyah’s Story

Aleyah Brown is an Army veteran, a young woman of slight build and quick wit. Brown encountered challenges faced by many veterans when she returned home, including post traumatic stress disorder and other mental health challenges catalyzed by military service. On top of this, she experienced abuse by a former partner and unemployment, which led to a stint of homelessness where she lived in her car. She received two minor nuisance charges from different municipalities, as well as traffic violations which ultimately resulted in the loss of her license. 

Due to her tenacious nature, she located  St. Francis’ Veterans Advocacy Project. Our attorney helped her create a plan for understanding how to tackle the fines and charges she faced. She and her attorney went to court in each municipality where she had violations, which led to the court dismissing most of her fines and transferring the remaining ones to community service. She was also able to dismiss her nuisance charges. She was able to exit the court system, and has found housing, and regained her license. 

Last year, the Veterans Advocacy Project assisted 150 marginalized veterans to resolve outstanding traffic tickets or warrants, regain their driver’s license, stabilize housing, and obtain other community resources. For this Veterans Day, we are running a special campaign for the Veterans Advocacy Project. Can you help us fund this important work?