Chasing Sunsets: An Art Exhibition

St. Francis Bilingual Youth Program Presents:

Chasing Sunsets

Throughout the school year, 17 students participate in the prestigious Art Club & Art Studio Program. The program is facilitated by Ms. Gabriela Toujas, a seasoned art instructor and accomplished local artist. The instructor instills students with a discipline of work very much appreciated by our participants. As part of the art sessions, the instructor teaches not only a variety of art techniques, but art history, a strong work ethic, and pride of craftsmanship. With an attendance rate of almost 100%, the creativity and quality of the art created by students speak for themselves.

The St. Francis Community Services Bilingual Youth Program provides children of immigrant families services tailored to their particular needs. Throughout the school year, the Youth Program’s goal is to breach the academic achievement gap by providing students the support that they otherwise cannot get at home. The compassionate and bilingual staff, alongside reliable and loyal volunteers help students with homework, reading, while always creating a setting where students feel safe, loved, and respected. Throughout the year, the Youth Program also offers a diverse set of activities, like art and music, where students can explore and grow other skills.