Our attorneys work to keep clients in their current residences when clients are in jeopardy of losing their housing. When housing conditions are unsafe, we insist on behalf of the client that the landlord comply with regulations and provide safe housing. If a client is facing eviction, we negotiate with the landlord on their behalf. We offer assistance in finding additional housing resources if evicted or foreclosed upon.

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CLAM cannot accept walk-ins. To request help, call 314-977-3993 on Tuesdays. Given the volume of calls received, it may take several weeks before you can speak with an attorney. You also can e-mail us:

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Keeping Immigrant Tenants Housed

In one recent case, St. Francis’ Immigrant Housing Justice Project negotiated with a local landlord to secure housing for 11 tenants who were behind in rent and at risk of eviction. Our legal team was able to work with the landlord to reduce the amount that tenants were in arrears and provide tenants with direct aid assistance to satisfy their back rent owed. Because of this individualized advocacy, the IHPJ team was able to secure their housing.