Our attorneys work to keep clients in their current residences when clients are in jeopardy of losing their housing. When housing conditions are unsafe, we insist on behalf of the client that the landlord comply with regulations and provide safe housing. If a client is facing eviction, we negotiate with the landlord on their behalf. We offer assistance in finding additional housing resources if evicted or foreclosed upon.

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CLAM cannot accept walk-ins. To request help, call 314-977-3993 on Tuesdays. Given the volume of calls received, it may take several weeks before you can speak with an attorney. You also can e-mail us:

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More Than a Roof and Four Walls
December 09, 2016

“Mrs. H” came to the Catholic Legal Assistance Ministry (CLAM) for help when the family home where she had lived . . .

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Home At Last

Still recovering from their ordeal, they are thankful to have the dignity of having a place to live. Mrs. B and her daughter were able to move into a home owned by a friend. It is rent-free, and the friend does not even charge for utilities. They were able to keep their belongings and minimize their monthly bills.