How To Plan Your Event

Do you like to have fun and help others at the same time? Do you like to organize events that bring people together? You can hold your own event to benefit St. Francis Community Services. Large or small, events are a good way to share your passion for our mission, tell inspiring stories of our work, and raise friends and funds to benefit St. Francis Community Services. Here are some steps to help you plan your event:

  1. Decide what kind of fundraising event you would like to host. Here are a few ideas, but the possibilities are endless!
  2. Register your event with us using our Event Planning Form. Please submit this to us at least 4-6 weeks before your event date, so we can support you with needed materials.
  3. Organize event details such as arrangements for the venue, food, and other important items that you may need to take care of.
  4. Publicize your event with personal invitations, word-of mouth, bulletin posts, social media, and other ways to get the word out. (The more personal the invitation, the better, of course!)
  5. Learn the facts about our mission, services, and locations, so that you can share with your guests why you support the great work going on at SFCS.
  6. During your event, take plenty of pictures and have your guests register on our SFCS Sign-in Sheet so that we can build the St. Francis community.
  7. After your event is over, let us know how it went, send us the sign-in sheet, money raised, photos, and any other items collected, and share with us your stories and suggestions.

Keep in touch with us throughout the process. We may be able to supply materials and even a staff member to speak at your event. If you have questions or need assistance, email SFCS staff member, Owen, at

Thank you again for your dedication to serving others and helping to spread the word about St. Francis Community Services!