In our 32nd year of serving the St. Louis community, help us reach our goal of $32,000 for vital legal aid!


Our legal assistance ensures that clients have their day in court even if they are not able to afford an attorney. Last year, we represented 1,532 community members in family law, immigration law, housing law, and veterans advocacy.

Read on to discover how your donation makes a difference!


The Road to Success

Robert, a Navy veteran, was working as an over-the-road truck driver. During a long trip, he received traffic tickets in multiple states that caused him to lose his license and his job, putting him on the brink of homelessness. After being referred to our Veterans Advocacy Project, staff attorneys helped him remove legal barriers to re-obtaining his license, and our case manager located legal assistance for the out of state matters. Robert recently called to let us know that he passed his driver’s license exam and is back working now.

Building a New Family

Ximenia is a 15-year old girl who was brought to the U.S. by her uncle after her biological parents abandoned her. She has an incredibly caring aunt in St. Louis, who is willing to raise her. This family came to us because of our integrated departments and their need for legal assistance in multiple areas. First, a staff family law attorney successfully guided this family through the guardianship process. Now, one of our staff immigration attorneys is working with her to apply for asylum. Ximena will now be safe as she begins a life with her new family.

Care and Safety

Last summer, we received a call from an anxious grandmother. Naomi was trying to find legal aid to become the guardian of her grandchildren—ages three, six, and eight. Their father had been sentenced to prison, and their mother was struggling with an opioid addiction. Though Naomi was on a fixed income, she wanted her grandkids to be with her instead of going into foster care. Like many of the cases we see, our staff knew this client needed special care. Because of our attorney’s expertise, Naomi was able to complete this process quickly, so she could spend less time in court and more time with her grandkids.


We continue to receive urgent referrals like these on a daily basis and your financial help is more important than ever. Please support our work with Robert, Ximena, Naomi, and thousands of other vulnerable individuals.