Who We Are

St. Francis Community Services is on a mission to change the lives of the most vulnerable throughout the St. Louis region. Providing legal aid, immigrant services, and long-term case management, we work to support people in crisis and ultimately prevent those situations from reoccurring. Last year, we served a total of 2,332 direct clients, with 78% living below the poverty line upon entering our programs.

Priorities: Our Integrated Approach

Promoting Equal Access to Justice

Recognizing that pervasive inequality in our community violates the dignity of the poor and marginalized, we intentionally promote equity for these groups. We stand with and advocate for our clients.

Addressing Root Causes of Economic Insecurity

Understanding that poverty affects every area of a person’s life, our programs help people move towards long-term economic stability. Our programs address financial barriers by building trusting relationships and connecting clients with practical community resources.

Practicing Cultural Humility

Honoring our clients’ perspectives, autonomy, and self-determination is key to our work. We celebrate that a person’s country of origin, race and ethnicity, legal status, and life experiences create diverse perspectives that make our community stronger.

What’s in a Name?

We adopted the name of St. Francis of Assisi because he embodies a selfless devotion to others, a simple way of life, and an unabashed love for the poor. The name also reminds us of Pope Francis, who speaks boldly about the scourge of poverty and challenges us to accept, love, serve and advocate for marginalized people.

“Poverty,” as Pope Francis wrote, “calls us to sow hope.” That, in essence, is our mission.


St. Francis Community Services was established in July 2011 by uniting social service programs once operated directly by Catholic Charities of St. Louis. Many of our individual programs trace their roots back three decades or longer, bringing an extensive understanding of the needs in our community.